Conditions of sale (Site in all the statement of the Condition) is owned by Paolucci Andrea, with registered office and operational headquarters in Via San Francesco 154 in Padova, VAT number 04536660287 (hereinafter PA). The visitor and user of the Site, hereinafter referred to as User, before using the services offered, is invited to read carefully the conditions of sale indicated below; with access to the services the User declares to accept fully and without reservation what is reported in the following pages and in the other pages related to the protection of privacy (Privacy Policy), the Terms of Service and General Conditions of Use. These conditions apply to all Users of the Site and anyone involved, for any reason, in the creation, maintenance, consultation and use of the Site. PA is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from the use of site and its contents. These conditions and all those shown on the pages of the Site, are an integral part of the agreement between the parties. These terms and conditions of sale are used to regulate the purchase and sale of products and services on the Site; some particular products or services may be subject to additional terms and conditions of sale but in the event of a conflict between the terms of sale and the general conditions and terms of service, the latter will prevail over the former. The User is invited to read carefully the conditions of sale, before proceeding with any operation since even the only, sole purchase by the User implies, on the part of the latter, the full and unconditional acceptance of the conditions of sale, refining, at the same time as sending the Order, by the Customer through the Site, the contract of sale between the Customer and PA resulting implicit full and full acceptance of the conditions of sale, terms of service and general conditions of use , intending to be carefully and diligently viewed by the User.

On the site you can consult the technical sheets of all the items offered for sale, you can make selections, by way of example, by Product Category and / or by keyword. The User is advised to carefully read the specific characteristics of the product and to carefully and accurately view the photographs published, reproducing the article, in order to verify, as far as possible, the correspondence to their expectations. If the information is not exhaustive, the User can request, without obligation, further details by email, indicating the code of the article of interest. PA undertakes to provide all the requested clarifications, directly consulting the manufacturer. Since the articles are reproduced by means of photos, there may be an incorrect correspondence of the images and colors to the real ones, due to the effects of the monitor and software used by the User; differences for which PA is exempt from any and all liability. All the information relating to the articles, as can be seen on the site, was provided directly by the Producer having, moreover, the same, declared under his own responsibility, the correspondence to the true and the realization of each item according to the good Art Rule, free from manufacturing defects with commitment and obligation on the part of the Manufacturer himself, to replace the non-compliant item, to another having the requirements and characteristics requested by the User, but removing PA from any responsibility in this regard. Despite the commitment of PA to provide comprehensive and updated information, should a User or a Manufacturer find faults, errors, discrepancies or incomplete and not sufficiently exhaustive information, he can report it at any time by e-mail; PA reserves the right to evaluate the request and decide to intervene, after verifying the report, at its discretion, with the methods and timing deemed most appropriate. The Manufacturer has the right to make changes to the characteristics of the object, except for the timely notification of any changes; the User is therefore invited to consult the product sheet before each order. However, PA is exempt from any and all liability resulting from the lack of communication of the changes made by the Producer or by the same communicated late compared to the process of modification and / or update of the product on the Site. Once selected the item to be purchased the User can add it to his cart and once the selection phase of the articles has been completed, it will be possible to proceed to checkout. The User must log in with his user name or by registration. A summary page will be shown and the user can intervene, varying, increasing or decreasing the quantity of the articles; finally, the transport costs will be displayed. Should the User decide to proceed with the purchase, he may opt for the preferred payment method, among those available. After evaluating all the elements, the User can send the order by clicking on the appropriate confirmation button. PA will process it, verifying the completeness and correctness of the data entered and consulting the Producer to send the Customer an e-mail to accept the order, with confirmation of the expected delivery date and the methods of evasion: only by e-mail acceptance, at the end of the verification process, the order will become effective. For any doubt or clarification, even before sending the order, the User can contact PA by email.
In the descriptive and identification form of the single article, the User can read the Manufacturer's indication and the characteristics of the article itself. Objects are generally 'unique pieces' or in any case produced in limited quantities and not in series, decorated or made entirely by hand and, therefore, subject to small imperfections, to be considered in all respects a characteristic of the uniqueness of each piece and not manufacturing defects or non-compliance with the specifications indicated on the Site. If the purchased product or the service received does not fully meet the Customer's expectations, the User can communicate it via email to PA that will assess any corrective and improving actions, the Customer will have anyway the right to exercise the right of withdrawal as foreseen in the relative point. PA is the only one authorized to decide, at their discretion and without any reason, which articles may be offered for sale on the site. PA is in no case responsible for direct or indirect damages deriving from improper use of the items purchased by the User.
On this site it is absolutely forbidden the sale of illegal goods and / or services and in any case of objects or services for which the Italian law in force prohibits production and trade. The Customer and / or Recipient resident outside Italy, must ascertain that the merchandise that is about to buy can be legally imported into their country and that it does not in any way violate the laws in force in the country of destination and therefore will be considered sole and exclusive responsible for the purchase transaction that will be finalized. It is also forbidden to sell:

  • Goods or services, including images and documents, clearly offensive and / or lacking in artistic value (eg sexually explicit images, pornography, pedophilia, mutilation of body parts, abuse and mistreatment of people and / or animals);
  • Photographs, images, portraits relating to minors;
  • Photographs, images, portraits related to people (including public figures) in the absence of appropriate release of the subject;
  • Reproductions and images for which you do not have the exploitation rights;
  • Material that incites violence, racial and / or religious hatred;
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs;
  • Animals or products derived from animals;
  • Products derived from protected plant species;
  • Weapons of any kind;
  • Counterfeit material;
  • Any type of article produced by exploiting child labor;
  • Any type of article produced does not comply with the rules on work and safety required by Italian law;

PA guarantees its customers the right of withdrawal, as required by EU directives, within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods; however the transport and insurance costs related to the shipments will be charged to the Customer. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must send written notice by registered mail with return receipt (which must be sent in advance via email) to PA, indicating the email address for the following contacts, the bank details for the refund, the references of the Order (number and date) and the code of the item from the purchase of which it intends to withdraw. PA in turn will send to the User via e-mail, a return code (RMA) and the address where to send the return. The returned item must be sent, with charges and expenses charged to the Customer, no later than 10 working days from receipt of the RMA, to the address communicated by PA, with packaging suitable for weight, shape, nature and value of the content (respecting the rules and advice of the carrier, generally available on the website of the courier carrying out the transport) and with indication of the RMA code. PA will not be responsible for any damage caused during transport and reserves the right to reduce the reimbursement of an amount equal to the damage suffered. In any case, PA will not be liable for damage, theft, loss or tampering and for goods with uninsured shipments. The returned product must be intact and in a state of conservation "normal" (ie must have been kept with the diligence of the good father of the family), in its packaging and original packaging and free of signs of wear, abrasions, scratches, scratches, deformations , etc ... and complete with all the elements, including any accessories, manuals, notes and certifications. In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, after checking the above by PA or its representative, the User will be reimbursed within 20 days of receipt of the return, by bank transfer, of the amount paid, limited to the value of article returned net of shipping costs, charges and commissions that will remain in any case borne by the customer. All values and amounts are expressed in Euro only.
The User is obliged to check carefully and diligently the package and its contents at the time of delivery by the courier, so as to make, simultaneously with the delivery, any written complaint to the carrier, accept the goods by entering the wording 'Accepted with Reserve', indicating the reason (eg 'Improper handling', 'Suspected tampering', 'Damaged neck') on the waybill, DDT or CMR and asking the carrier to countersign with his own legible name and surname . This procedure is of fundamental importance in order not to lose the rights to reimbursement of the sums already paid. The User must then contact PA in writing with registered letter a.r. anticipated by email, within two working days enclosing a copy of the document issued by the courier and containing the Reserve, showing the exact references of the Order and the code of the damaged article. PA will then send instructions to the customer on the procedures to be followed for the return. In order to be able to take into consideration a claim for damage, the Customer must provide the carrier and / or PA with all relevant information regarding the shipment and the damage suffered, including photographs of the damaged material and packaging. The contents of the shipment and the original packaging must be stored and made available to the carrier and insurance for a possible inspection.
Delivery times may vary depending on the type of items. The shipping costs, unless otherwise indicated, will be added to the total total of the items included in the cart and will be displayed during the checkout and in any case before the conclusion of the purchase process. The cost may vary depending on the characteristics of the packaged product (weight, size and volume), the geographical area of destination and also on the basis of the number of producers involved in the shipment. The Customer may be asked to choose among several options, indicating the one most suitable for him. The delivery, by the courier, will be made on weekdays; if the Customer has particular needs, he can contact us when the order is issued, to evaluate together any customized delivery solutions and related costs. It is advisable to indicate, during the purchase phase, a valid phone number to be shown on the shipping documents with the express permission of PA to communicate this usage to the Courier who will deliver the goods. If, by express request of the customer, the goods were shipped to the assigned port, the risk for the loss or damage of the goods, will be entirely borne by the customer, from the moment of delivery of the product to the carrier.
All prices indicated on the site are to be considered expressed in Euro, VAT included, net of transport costs unless otherwise explicitly indicated. At any time prices may be subject to updates, without notice, due to increases in costs applied by manufacturers, to the increase in statutory taxes, to the increase in charges and commissions related to the sale / purchase process. PA undertakes to promptly update this information; however, in case of errors or delays and if PA is not able to guarantee the correct execution of the User's Order, it will inform the Customer in order to find an agreement to solve the problem. In the event that some orders or part of them are canceled due to reasons beyond the control of PA, and for which PA hypothesis does not assume any responsibility, the same will provide for the full reimbursement of expenses incurred by the Customer for that transaction by term referred to in p. 3, with the right to claim against the person responsible for the cancellation. PA reserves the right to cancel any order that does not comply with the terms of sale and terms of service and terms of use of the Site. The methods and times for charging will be as follows:

  • Bank Transfer: the Customer will be given the Iban Code on which to make the payment and the order will only take place when the transfer will be credited. In the case of personalized 'tailor-made' items, the payment will be requested before the start of the production process.

If the destination address indicated by the User should be outside the Italian State, the Recipient could be subject to customs duties and import taxes proper to the destination country (especially in case of non-EU destinations) and can not be controlled or quantified from PA at the time of sale, therefore any additional cost of customs clearance and related practices will be entirely borne by the Customer who may contact the customs offices of his country for details. The Customer, as an importer, will be solely responsible for the correct compliance with the rules laid down in his own country and is therefore invited to inform himself about it and make sure that the merchandise he has ordered is not prohibited by the laws in force in the destination country. Please note that the customs clearance procedures provide, by the customs authority of the country of destination, the ability to carry out product inspections, by opening the packaging and verifying the contents. The appointed shippers will therefore be authorized to provide information in accordance with the regulations of the country of destination and to open the packages at any time, if required by governmental authorities, customs and security organizations.No exports will be made by P.A. for purchases of amounts less than 2000 euros. Applications to the relevant authorities and entities for the issuance of the certificate of free circulation for export, in accordance with the applicable legislation on such matters, will be made by PA on behalf of the buyer. The buyer is required to pay the expenses upon receipt of the invoice. Approximately 10-12 weeks are re-quired to obtain the export licence. 

In the regulation of relations between the various parties involved in this site, Italian law applies. In case of disputes, both nationally and internationally, the court of Padova (Italy) is competent. The contents of the site, all or in part, may be translated into several languages, but in any case the only content having legal value is that in Italian.

– the legitimate origin of the Products and its marketability;
– the delivery of the Products in the shorter term compatibly with the needs of the value holder and in any case in the 15 (fifteen) working days following the full payment of the Price;
– the integrity of the packages at the time of delivery;
– the subjection of the Contract to the rules provided for the legal guarantee of conformity and commercial guarantees for consumer goods pursuant to applicable Community and national legislation, including the Consumer Code.
PA is not liable, on the other hand, for any purely economic loss, loss of value of precious metals or currency, loss of profit, loss of commercial activities or otherwise, each of which is a direct, indirect loss or a consequence of the Contract and / or of these General Conditions. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the Customer may submit a complaint by sending written notice, within 8 (eight) days from receipt of the Products, to: Paolucci Andrea Via San Francesco 154 Padova. While waiting to know the outcome of your complaint, the Customer must keep the Products in its original packaging, complete and equipped with a certificate of the seller.
The Customer declares and guarantees:
– to be a consumer in accordance with the provisions of art. 3 of the Consumer Code;
– to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity to conclude the Contract and to use the PA website in accordance with these general terms and conditions;
– that the data provided by the same for the conclusion and execution of the Contract are correct, complete and truthful. PA has the right to believe that the e-mails sent have been received and accepted by the Customer, unless there is proof to the contrary.
The Customer is responsible for the payment of taxes and tax related to the purchase of the Products.